Course on demography expert.

Demographic change has become even entrepreneurial reality. The enterprises are facing varied challenges in shaping the world of work and in the personnel policy. ÖJAB provides for the first time in Vienna already at the second edition of the course on demography-specialist. With this qualification essential ways and tools are taught to see demographic change as an opportunity and company to develop an economic and demographic-oriented personnel policy.

Target audience:

Entrepreneurs, managers, people in HR and leadership management, business advisers, people from the CSR and diversity area, staff developers, councils and focus groups whose demographic expertise will be for the company. The participants include the training course with a certificate as a "specialist in demography management" from.

The course demographics-Fit helps companies and self-employed in identifying the problems associated with demographic change changes, as well as to develop economic and demographic-oriented personnel policy and actively implement. Based on the experience of the political course (2014/2015) were the contents updated and optimized for the Austrian labor market.

ÖJAB - Youth, Age, Education

ÖJAB is a politically and religiously independent, generations connecting youth organization and one of the largest home support organizations in Austria.

As a non-profit association ÖJAB operates 30 halls of residence in Austria for 4,700 students, pupils, seniors and refugees.

Next ÖJAB in the vocational education and training (BPI the ÖJAB), in the European and international project work (Grundtvig, YiA, ESF) as well as in development cooperation and in the refugee assistance operates.

Seminar days:

Kick-Off With the Academic Director PhDr. Petra Heidler MBA
Module 1 Basics 2 Days, Demographic change - challenges and potentials.
Module 2 Mental and physical stress 2 Days, Workplace Health Promotion and Management
Module 3 Healthy Leadership 2 Days, Motivation, communication and leadership
Module 4 Labor law 1 Day, Demographic aspects of labor law
Module 5 Burn Out and resilience 1 Day, Mindfull Business and mental strategies
Module 6 Practical relevance 2 Days, Project work, workplace ergonomics, model professional career

Academic Director: PhDr. Petra Heidler MBA, 1062 Vienna, Mittelgasse 16
Administration:  Mag. Judith Geiger, Tel.: +43 (0)1 5979735 - 845,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seminar Location:  Europahaus Wien, Event Center, 1140 Vienna, Linzerstraße 429

Duration: 90 Labs: Kick-Off (1 Tag), Module days (10 Days), Project phase (4 month), Follow-Up-Workshop
Class times: 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Please note: The teaching language is German!

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