The BPI Academy 

  • is an Institute of Vocational Education and supports with its educational opportunities, people around the world, integrative and socialityl.
  • is traditionally a place of lifelong learning for all people, regardless of nationality, religion, age, gender and any disadvantages. We represent people who have it much harder than others - it is because of cultural, social, family, health or intellectual problems.
  • offers participants a technical and commercial vocational training or qualifications, including personality-building goals.
  • is an educational institution that provides its participants a comprehensive, based on state of the art, to the requirements of the labor market, European demanded and recognized vocational training and qualification.
  • is convinced that in modern society and the workplace is a high-quality professional education only in combination with a broad general education, the basis for professional success and for active participation in social life. This general educational mission we perceive as a general teaching principle.
  • sees its core competence in the development and implementation of innovative education programs in selected fields of vocational training and personal development, taking into account European sought-after and recognized qualifications.
  • sees current occupational training opportunities as an important contribution to expanding and improving the skills of professionals and thus to secure the competitiveness of the Austrian economy.
  • directed the training content from both the state of the art and to the needs of the labor market. The consistent inclusion of new working methods and tools in the education allows graduates easy entry or re-entry into professional life.
  • secures his trademark "education through cooperation" through the combination of theoretical and practical training times, through the practical experience of teachers and through intensive cooperation with the private sector and with NGOs at home and abroad.
  • will hold in the development of curricula to the balance between general education, technical theory, professional practice and social skills, as these provide the basis for increasing the job opportunities of our graduates.
  • strives to keep for the practical exercises in the design, in the laboratory or in the workshop equipment needed on a modern standard and participate in programs to promote technology.
  • considers itself as an educational institution for the national and international economy. We see businesses in commerce, industry and educational institutions and NGOs as future employers of our graduates and are anxious to observe in the development and implementation of our educational programs to the social requirements and the needs of the economy and to ensure this through appropriate substantive coordination and evaluation processes.
  • feels in his education the highest standards of quality and its continuous further.
  • affirmed the need to restructure processes in the administration and in the professional educational work clear to standardize, document and evaluate.
  • welcomes the introduction of administrative and educational standards on the BPI ÖJAB and is convinced that instruments such as Contribute benchmarking, feedback or CSR, for ongoing quality assurance.
  • offers its participants promotion and support in a motivating learning and working environment.
  • considers the skills, experience and commitment of our employees as an essential basis for the successful implementation of its educational mission.
  • making its education with a strong international aspects and create mobility, cosmopolitism and intercultural understanding.

The BPI Academy give particular consideration to of further development of those general qualifications and social skills, which ensures the employability of graduates and enables them to successfully participate through self-study or specialization in higher education institutions in the process of lifelong learning.

The constant monitoring of changes and developments in relevant fields of technology and business areas allowed the BPI Academy to ensure the timeliness of the curriculum and consistently develop new innovative and demand-oriented educational programs.  

The practical orientation is the hallmark of Austrian technical education. These ensure the BPI Academy with their education programs make an important contribution.

The teachers at the BPI of the ÖJAB have through their work experience in business or in social work on key requirements for the practical implementation of curricula and social work.

The participants are prepared by work placements and demand-oriented project work in the world of work.

Customer focus, decisiveness, ability to cooperate, training readiness, expertise and use of planning and decision tools are for the BPI-Akademie important criteria for efficient work.

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